If ten of your friends buy a Tesla, Elon Musk will give away a Model X

it sounds a typical pyramid scheme referral, that that was so popular a few years ago with ads on the Internet. But in this case, program referred Tesla is much more substantial. Think of these discounts that you offer telephone or banks if one of your friends go on to use their services. Now think about cars: imagine convince 10-heeled friends they purchase a Tesla. Well, if you get this, give away you get a Tesla Model X when it is released to the market. Free.

A referral program very interesting

is not the typical discount of 10 euros on your next bill or cookware.

The experimental program referred starts at a discount of $ 1,000 on a new Model S – applicable to maintenance or shopping at the Tesla Store – for buyers referred by another owner of a Model S , the As for the current owner. According to the direct sales model of Tesla, the cost of sale of each Model S is $ 2,000, if a customer has already been decided through a friend, that cost is almost nil. Which is why we have sought reward to its current client and his friend with $ 1,000 per capita.

tesla-concesionario-ambulante-1440px The modalities of referrals not end here. If you are the owner of a Tesla and convince five friends they purchase a Tesla – think of the possibilities among your colleagues – you will earn a free tour Gigafactory in Nevada . If you refer ten friends will receive an discount of $ 20,000 in the Tesla Model X Founder’s Edition , the special edition release. If you are the first to refer to ten friends in your region you are promised a Model X face. Sounds good, right?

The program now is limited to US and only lasts until October 31 . If successful, it could be extended beyond October. Maybe for the moment it seems a program just for rich – and at the bottom it is – but think that Tesla will launch its Model 3 in just a couple of years, and will be a car that sells for $ 30,000 in America. If the program still exists, it will be very interesting to see their behavior in a mass market, where cars no longer talking about $ 70,000.

tesla-model-x-2015-01-1440px Elon Musk has said the program could also be extended to Tesla used to be sold through direct sales network of the Californian company. Since then, Elon Musk continues to prove his worth as a man of innovative businesses, using a program related to an auto industry that increasingly looks more technological.

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Source: Mashable
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