If the Bahrain GP had been around more, I won Kimi Räikkönen


Lewis Hamilton won Grand Prix Bahrain from end to end, but it was behind him where the greatest show career developed. Ferrari continues to demonstrate that it is a short step to beat Mercedes this time with Räikkönen achieving the second position.


Kimi-Raikkonen E l Grand Prix Bahrain took another victory for the team Mercedes hand bitánico pilot Lewis Hamilton. However career served him Ferrari to validate the progress experienced this season, proving to be a true threat to the people of Mercedes .

Ferrari continues to progress, but Lewis Hamilton still almost unbeatable.

Both Ferrari men took different strategies to Bahrain .

Although in the early laps all seen indicate that the threat of Hamilton was marked by Vettel both drivers Mercedes perhaps neglected the different strategy was undertaken Räikkönen which allowed him to fight until the second position, near the end of the race.

Some mistakes Sebastian vettel track, did more than pave the way for his teammate almost managed to win the competition . The Finn was surprised at his stint on medium tires, achieving a good pace that enabled him to make a last stint with new soft tires.

The apace with soft, took him to overtake Nico Rosberg almost on her end of the competition, although the pilot Mercedes accused a problem with your brakes. Already in second position and a very good race pace was very little power to overcome Lewis Hamilton and achieve win the race.

Is that the Briton accused the problem similar to his teammate brakes and was himself Toto Wolff who on the end of the race acknowledged that if the GP had a lap more , had been virtually impossible for Hamilton hold the position .

After a break of three weeks, the championship will start its European phase under the Circuit de Catalunya , where we expect a major package of improvements in cars.





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