If the rumors are right you will like the surprise that has been prepared Honda for his 70th birthday

how Many times have you heard in the last few months that turned the Honda S2000? The return of the convertible Honda has been a rumor usual almost from the moment that production ended, but… what is true of your return? On the 70th birthday of the japanese brand, the rumors could become a reality.

The new Honda S2000 could have under the hood the same engine turbo the Honda Civic Type R:

Car&Driver is responsible to warn us of this possibility, this new Honda S2000 would come as the perfect birthday gift, as it arrived the previous S2000 in 1998, on the 50th birthday of Honda.

As he informed a source internal to Car&Driver, this new Honda S2000 would have a size similar to that of the Mazda MX-5 but would come with more power, bearing in mind that the latest version prestacional the Miata has 160 horses.

This new Honda S2000 would be articulated on a new platform in addition, it could give way to a new coupe of medium size located below the Honda NSX.

it is Still early to be able to know more details, but on the basis of the source above would already have a R & D team working at the plant in Ohio, which builds the Honda NSX, preparing the launch of this new Honda S2000.

There are those who say since, under your hood there will be a version decaffeinated 2.0 turbo riding the Honda Civic Type R (see proof of the Honda Civic Type R).