If there was no fraud, why 15.000 Renault Capture and Espace will be reviewed by a level of emissions excessive?

few days Ago, the French authorities entered in the headquarters in paris Renault, attempting to gather information about a possible case of misrepresentation of emissions in the vehicles of the French group. Everything was a false alarm, that just caused a momentary setback to the listing of the giant gaul. If it has been demonstrated that there was no fraud, why 15.000 Renault Capture and Espace will be called to review by an excessive level of emissions of NOx? What does the Ministry of Environment to get?

what has then happened with Renault?

unlike in the Dieselgate of Volkswagen, there would have been a fraud on the emissions level of the cars in the bank.

a Number of Renault were tested both in laboratory bench as in circulation, and it was discovered that their level of emissions of NOx was excessive in circulation. However, all the cars had been properly approved and none had a “defeat device” that vary the combustion detect that the car is being subjected to a cycle of approval. The problem is not other than own cycle of approval, which does not reflect the actual conditions of use of a car, acting only as a means of comparison.

renault-espace-emisiones-nox-duh-01the investigations of The French authorities have focused on the Renault Capture and the Renault Espace, whose level of emissions detected has been higher than the approved way remarkable. In both vehicles, systems, anti-pollution diesel engines are NOx-trap, trapsx. This system is more affordable and less costly to Renault that the SCR system of injection of urea on the exhaust gases. Only a few brands use systems do NOTx-trap to their diesel engines Euro6.

do Not announce calls to review, but it urges Renault to employ a system antipollution different.

The problem of these systems – similar to a particle filter, but with the aim of retaining the oxides of nitrogen – is that are not as efficient as the SCR in circulation. The result is that your actual level of emissions is much higher than the approved, still serving perfectly well in the laboratory without cheating some. France will require from the Renault-Nissan Alliance to review up to 15,000 new Capture and Espace to verify that your systems anti-pollution work of a correct and proper.

nox-trapIn 2017 will begin in Europe new emissions testing in the circulation, which promise to put to test so much more severe systems, anti-pollution of a car. Although the vote of these new rules has been postponed recently, many manufacturers will have to put the batteries in record time. Renault and Nissan want to invest up to 50 million euros to switch to SCR technology on their diesel engines, especially the 1.5 dCi, which are the most sold by far so far.

France is also researching to Mercedes and to Ford because of excessive levels of emissions in its vehicles, but still there are no known conclusive data about these investigations.

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