If these days are in London maybe you come across the new Ford GT … put in a transparent truck!

After a stint in the Jarama circuit in Madrid on Ford GT is in full tour through the streets of London if not, we will not see in the wild, will not leave us with a trace of his roar its path. Instead we will have to see “caged” inside a truck trailer become showcase.

After introducing in the past Geneva is expected to arrive at dealerships in late 2016 . A spectacular face, worthy of reverence aerodynamic additives, carbon fiber, gull-wing doors, a minimalist interior that could not look better …

But What about your mechanics?

The heart of the beast is in the hands of a block V6 Twin-Turbo that exceed 600 horses although of course, there are still many questions about discover, starting with its performance.

To learn more about Ford GT 2016

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Video Ford GT 2016 in the streets of London:

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