If this is the steering wheel, how the hell is that BMW will use this summer and presents?

Notes. August is celebrated Concours d’Elegance in Pebble Beach and, as every year, BMW will be present to return to leave us open-mouthed. And so it has already advanced the German mark, this year there will be no one but two spectacular prototypes . And who knows if Pebble Beach will be the setting for the debut of the expected BMW M2 surprise should know that unless this year. For now, all that has shown us BMW has been what you see above, a picture of a completely flattened wheel like a DTM is were, with the loop cut at the top, and confirming us something we could already imagine:. will be sports, so sports prototypes

This sounds like something wheel. It is the same that was presented at the Concours d’Elegance Villa d’Este this year, the prototype BMW 3 .0 CSL Hommage.

Without that we can still get an idea of ​​what prototypes presented this year BMW at Pebble Beach, yes I anticipate that this wheel is not the first time we see him. Without going any further, it is virtually the same as we saw in the Concours d’Elegance Villa d’Este in Europe in May, used by the prototype BMW 3 .0 CSL Hommage. Are we facing a new iteration of the beast? Is it a step forward towards BMW M3 , or M4 Coupe, more radical and sporty?

For now we can only recommend you that you be very attentive to motor on 13 August, because we have to leave the umbrella at the beach, the beer in the bar, and other holiday traditions, to tell what secret has kept us all this time BMW . Probably the sacrifice worthwhile, do not you think?

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In motor BMW 3 .0 CSL Hommage: never an M3 CSL was so spectacular

BMW M3 3.0 CSL

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