“If Williams had to pay Alonso not to eat in a year”


Photo: Williams.

If Williams were to choose one area to improve your team, not portfolio best riders. At least so says their technical director, Pat Symonds. In statements to Autosport, pointed out that the priority has never been done with the services of a champion to replace Bottas and Massa, because the cost is very large, and they are happy with them: “When I said in the past that it will employ the money on something else, does not meant that we could not take advantage of what brings a superstar, but it is a big expenditure. At this time we are deficient in other areas that would be priority before a pilot star”. And is that the financial situation in the Grove does not allow to great fanfare, and there are other goals that are before you change your pair of drivers.

The English put it as an example to Fernando Alonso, that would break the economic balance of the historic team: “If fichara for us, there would be a good use of it and we would like to work with him. We will give what you need, but if we had to pay his salary, we could not eat in a year”. The course last renewed Massa and Bottas, who held together his third season in this 2016. In the two championships prior, in great part favored by the decisive V6 engine Mercedes, managed to give Williams the third place of constructors, first behind those of the arrows of silver, and Red Bull and last year after the champions and Ferrari. It is the message that has to sell, but Symonds says that if I had free choice, I would still chose the brazilian and the Finnish.

Bottas has been imposed on Felipe in the two seasons that have coincided, but his coach believes that together make a great combination: “I Think they are the perfect partner for our team, they work very good together. Drivers are a team and push each other becoming difficult, because in reality they are very similar in their operation. They pull each other in a very positive way and help to get the whole team to work very well. Honestly, if you have the hands totally free, I would like to have the pilots we already have, and that is not something I say very often.” The two aspire in 2016 to give it to Williams that it would be his first win since in 2012 Pastor Maldonado is imposed at the Grand Prix of Spain.