If you are not Ken Block, forget about scavenger hunts if you do not want to end your life behind bars

Yes, the Gymkhana 8 Ken Block has left us all with the mouth open, but please do not try to make the Ken Block. This is what I would have thought Blake Wilkey before recording his video Urban Assault on the city of San Diego, a video packed with stunts and speed where you prove that your Volkswagen Beetle with V8 engine is capable of defying the laws of physics and the laws of the authority regardless of the morning. After becoming famous, Wilkey is the finish, the joy, and that is the justice california wants to take you to jail… and it seems that they’re going to get.

The price of fame for Wilkey can be a very long season in prison

As lovers of the motor we love all these videos where cities are used as race-tracks, but in those videos there is a wide variety of media that make streets residential and even cities in true closed circuit. Blake Wilkey wanted to make your own version of the Gymkhanas of Ken Block, but unfortunately did not have the resources of Block. Still decided to move forward to create the video Urban Assault.

as you can see in the video, Wilkey enters through the streets of San Diego in normal conditions of traffic, which poses a significant risk to the safety of all present. At the same time, Wilkey leads not only without any respect for speed limits, but that takes advantage of the possibilities of your VW Beetle with dyes “buggy” for getting all sorts of sites and regardless of the physical barriers.

blake-walkey-urban-assault-carcel-2016-00The video achieved without a doubt your goal, discovering all kinds of spectacular maneuvers and attracting more than 1,100,000 people for viewing. What the problem? Fame has a price, and more when you decide to skip the traffic laws. Blake Walkey has received a lawsuit where he is accused of nothing less than 26 positions, divided between driving reckless and even attempted murder. At this time Walkey will be bemoaning seriously the day you decided to create your own Gymkhana, because everything points to that justice california seeks to act in a manner exemplary.

Source: Carscoops

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