If you are the biggest capital of Italy (and you apellidas Agnelli) you can’t drive a Ferrari either

Gianni Agnelli was one of the most powerful men of modern Italy, and certainly the richest. The owner of the industrial empire that was Fiat had more money than he could spend. When I wanted to drive, wanted to drive a car really special. For that, he was the owner of a Ferrari Testarossa convertible. Ferrari offered no factory versions Spider of the fantastic Testarossa. This copy was created exclusively for the “king industrial” of Italy. And now it could be yours… if your wallet allows it.

The car is put up for sale with only 22.000 miles on the odometer, and a history completely documented.

Known as l’avvocato, it was the grandson of the founder of Fiat, and was responsible for bringing the giant industrial conglomerate to its current position. In the mid-80s, Ferrari “gave” this Testarossa Spider at Agnelli family, the majority shareholder in the small company from Maranello. The car was created on the basis of their strict specifications. The first: a silver paint. What is the reason? The first two letters of your last name were “Ag”, the atomic symbol of silver. How do you like the most?

The theme silver extends to another key element of the car: the prancing horse on the front. Instead of being made of metal, is made of solid silver. A thin band of blue highlights the body, also upon request of Gianni Agnelli. Obviously, there are clear changes in the rear to accommodate the soft top. Is if it should be more stylized, with a soft fall, also designed by Pininfarina. Ferrari did not spare a single Italian lira in its construction, and the result is spectacular.

Under its bonnet, beats the same 5.0 boxer twelve-cylinder opposed, capable of developing 390 HP of power. Although it was slower and heavier than the Testarossa coupe, I doubt that this will put off the sleep to Agnelli. Is offered for sale by Artcurial in an auction that will take place in a few months, February 5, 2016. Some may think that this Model is a conversion, not an official, or that your condition is not competition, but should consider your source and their manufacture. It is a machine absolutely unique.

it Is expected that their price range at auction 900,000 euros, but it could be even higher.

Source: Petrolicious
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