If you do not want to wait the Ford F-150 Raptor, Shelby has a “GT500 off-road” for you

we Understand your anxiety, really. You want to already get your Ford F-150 Raptor, but up to within at least six months will not reach the dealers. Hennessey has already launched its alternative to the all-powerful Raptor, and now it is the turn of the Shelby. Is simply called Shelby F-150, and the proposal of the preparer american intended to supply the lack of official response by Ford 700 HP and a kit, off-road that removes the hiccups. Killing flies to cannon, in a nutshell.

can Be purchased through the official dealer network of Ford in the U.S.

For a start, look at your body kit and your paint. it Is as if a Shelby Mustang GT500 it had been the monkey of work and had gone to the farm of his uncle. Your paint and stripes longitudinal cross your body-they denote a clear inspiration in the Mustang is more sporty. Like his hood, with two huge air intakes inspired by the GT500 of the years 60. The bumper is much more aggressive, and the box is covered, in addition to topped with a small spoiler. Attitude, 100% badass, as we like.

wheels Shelby 18-inch wrapped in off-road tires BF Goodrich All-Terrain K02 complete the exterior appearance, which fits perfectly with a trailer in which to transport our Cobra classic, if it is enjoyed as such. Under the hood dwells a modified version of the engine 5.0 V8 Ti-VCT direct-injection. An engine that series delivered some interesting 385 HP but that after the mounting of a compressor volumetric, new intake, exhaust and Tassel internal components, nearly doubles his power.

The result are nothing less than 700 HP, with that low of five seconds in the 0 to 100 km/h and can provide more of a scare to several supercars. In addition, this beast is ready to attack the roads of the desert and the field effectively: his suspension signed by Fox Racing, differential, and reinforced protections for the low should allow an excellent performance off-road. What we don’t like it so much is its price: only 500 units will be manufactured to a unit price of a tremendous 98.995 usd.

If you’re an impatient, Shelby soothes your lack of patience.

Source: autoevolution
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