If you drink do not drive: the Aston Martin Rapide S becomes a winery Dom Perignon rolling

The official Aston Martin dealership in Milan has launched a special edition of the Aston Martin Rapide S that have baptized with the name bombastic Aston Martin Rapide S Milano Dom Perignon . Named after the famous French champagne producer because they have installed in the trunk of the Rapide a special compartment for three of the best bottles of 1998 Dom Perignon , whose value exceeds the four figures the bottle. Know this extra quirky, the compartment for the champagne itself.

The Aston Martin Rapide S becomes a winery Dom Perignon rolling

Dom Perignon Chest cancels much of the trunk – almost all – but has an imposing appearance, lined in leather craft . He hides inside three bottles 1998 vintage plus four exclusive oversized glasses, with the ideal way to enjoy this drink. The chest is closed with two strips of leather excellent fit and is not lit, even in photographs provided by Aston Martin Milano they seem.

aston-martin-rapide-dom-perignon-1 The car was created for promotional purposes only and I doubt it’s a good idea to shake expensive champagne in the trunk of a sport for hundreds of kilometers, but the truth is that looks nice and gives the car a more which is distinguished by being as an Aston Martin Rapide S. At the moment, only Aston Martin Milano has this Dom Perignon Deuxieme PlĂ©nitude Special Kit available, and it accepts orders from customers at a price for the moment unknown.

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Source: GTSpirit
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