If you have an automatic car, don’t use the position P as if it were the hand brake

Every day we buy more cars with automatic. In motor we’ve given you a few tips on the machines, both on its use in the day-to-day as about their care. One of the defects most common in the use of the automatic gearboxes is to use his position of parking as if the hand brake is concerned. It is a bad habit simple to acquire, which compromises the reliability of the long-term cash, and subjects its components to unnecessary stress. We tell you why, and how you should park your car auto.

why should I not use the position of parking as the parking brake?

Troubleshoot any malfunction in a box implies to disassemble a multitude of parts and possibly get her out of the car.

I’ve seen It more often because, especially in countries like the USA, but lately, also in Spain. Some drivers used the position of car automatic change to prevent the car to move once parked. Many even use the parking brake of the car. I’ve gotten to know people who don’t know where it is located. True. In terms of lifting your foot from the service car, the car moves a few inches until the gearbox to its inertia, with a reciprocating painful.

parking-automaticoAll the weight of the car rests on certain components of the gearbox of the car, instead of against one brakes much more powerful, designed to stop the mass of the car in motion and to support its weight once parked. When engranamos the position P using the gear shift lever of our automatic car, a ratchet – a kind of pin – “bite” of the secondary shaft of the gearbox, jamming it to prevent its movement. If we forget the hand brake, we will be subjecting these components to unnecessary stress.

In this video posted by Engineering Explained speaking of other five behaviors to avoid automatic changes.

The ratchet parking – “parking pawl” in English – can come to become damaged over time, especially if we parked in areas with strong inclinations. It is in such situations when we hear a loud knock in the gearbox when you move the shift lever, possibly having to do more force on the lever. In addition to the pawl, can damage the linkage to the gearbox if we do excessive force on the lever. Other components of the transmission also suffer unnecessarily.

audi-q7-prueba-interiores-mdm-06The problem is that open a box of change – especially automatic – is an operation face and labor-intensive. Another potential danger of this bad habit is what will happen if someone gives a good blow to your parked car. The ratchet will break and the car will move free. However, if you have the hand brake on, the car will move much more difficult. In addition, in a car with front-wheel drive block all four wheels if acting the hand brake, not only do the front.

How to park a vehicle automatic

The best thing is that this potential failure, this unnecessary wear, it is completely preventable. Just follow the following steps to park correctly a vehicle. It seems a truism, and it is, but it should be recalled:

1) Stop the vehicle completely and maintain the service brake is depressed.
2) we Put the gearbox into position P.
3) Acting on the hand brake, that will hold the weight of the car.
4) Release the service brake and we got off the vehicle.

Note: positions 2 and 3 are interchangeable.