If you have money and you like cars, buy a mansion with a circuit in the garden

you’re as “Matthias the Humble,” you have plenty of money. But you have a little more taste, and what you do is what any petrolhead wealthy would do: you buy a mansion in the English countryside with a circuit tarmac in the garden. Maybe it does not reach the level of Lord March and the Goodwood Estate, but he plays in another league. The house that we show in this article is the paradise of a fan of cars: in addition to the circuit, it has a multitude of garages and space for those toys four wheels you like so much.

The price is not known, but I would say that a few million pounds are safe.

“If I were a rich man…” said the song. If I were a rich man I would buy without hesitation this property located in Mid Ulster, in the Uk. The plot has more than 130,000 square metres, of which a third part quietly occupied by a paved track, with pianos and everything. It is not a great track, and you may have some 500 meters long, but has to be a blast with a small GTI as a Abarth 500 or a go-kart powerful. I assure you that you would have daily entertainment after work.

In your garage should fit a minimum of six cars – if not more – and features a workshop dedicated to working on them. Or if you are very rich, pay someone to work on your cars. In addition, the house has two floors, many rooms and a pleasant atmosphere, with its interior lined in wood. The icing on the cake is a “room game”, an extra space that can be ideal for turning it into a “man cave“, a space for watching movies, playing video games or decorate it with reasons car accidents.

Who were a rich man.

Source: GTSpirit
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