If you have purchased a Mercedes-AMG C 63 we have good news… it Akrapovic already has an exhaust for your car!

Akrapovic increases the supply of exhaust systems available in catalog by incorporating one of the latest sports models of Mercedes in get, to version more prestacional of the Mercedes C-Class the Mercedes-AMG C 63 2016 and yes, we already have a video of the result, a video of the Mercedes-AMG C 63 with exhaust Akrapovic.

This exhaust system is developed in titanium and in addition improve the sound of the Mercedes increases its strength and reduces its weight:

Jealous of BMW, the BMW M4 (see BMW M4 exhaust by Akrapovic), Mercedes has the possibility of resorting to Akrapovic to spice up an already good melody block V8 vitaminado Class C.

of course (as we are accustomed Akrapovic) we speak not only of more sound, a better melody, no, we also talk about less weight, 13 kg less and best figures of power and torque, increasing the horsepower of this German 8 horses and doing the same with its pair in 28 Nm.

Recall that the Mercedes-AMG C 63 will be offered with two power levels, one of 476 horses from 93.325 euros and another of 510 horses available from 102.624 euros. In addition it is also available in the form of a family member of the hand of the Mercedes C-Class Estate and we imagine that this exhaust system is also valid for the equivalent alternative to the Mercedes C-Class Coupe and the new Mercedes C-Class Cabrio.

did Your price? For now, Akrapovic has not been announced.

Video of the Mercedes-AMG C 63 with exhaust Akrapovic: