If you hurry, you’ll be able to release a myth of the Group B: this Ford RS200 Evolution seeks owner

I Recognize some of the classics don’t have value as an investment tool today, but I’m still awestruck when I see auctions of cars of the highest performance with less than four digits in your odometer. It is the case of this beautiful Ford RS200 Evolution, of which only 24 units were built – the total production of the Ford RS200 was only two hundred units. RM Auctions puts it up for auction, this copy, with only 430 km on the odometer. Hurry, and you will be the one that debuts the last myth of Group B.

With a weight of 1,050 pounds, a short battle and a lot of power, they were the cars behavior very nervous, sensitive.

The Ford RS200 was born with the simple goal of introducing the RS200 of competition, whose performance in the Group B was brief, because the RS200 was premiered when the Group B was in its death throes – in the season of 1986. Ford had to build 200 units of street, which they shared with the racing car mechanical and exterior aspect, with the only difference of an interior something more “luxurious”. For luxurious wanted to say carpet, floor mats and an audio system. That’s all it was, the Ford RS200 did not want to impersonate what was not.

ford-rs200-evolution-subasta-15What it was, was a machine of the highest performance, with a chassis monocoque steel on which are mounted several subframe and tubular a body built in steel, kevlar and carbon fiber. Its powered by a 1.8 Cosworth BDT developed 250 HP in your setup for the street, supercharged by a turbocharger. Versions of competition came to develop up to 450 BHP of power. Ford thought enter in the season of 1987 an RS200 Evolution, whose power in setting of competition could reach the 815 CV.

With the development of appropriate, the Ford RS200 Evolution more powerful, they managed to make the 0 to 100 km/h in only 2 seconds.

The power and the behavior of these cars made them machines peligrosísimas. Nor the most experienced pilots were able to domarlos to the full, and several RS200 suffered serious accidents in competition. One of the most dramatic accidents of the Group B had as its protagonist a RS200, and ended with the death of three spectators at Rally Portugal in 1986. Despite its all-wheel drive and limited-slip, were lightweight car, low battle, and extremely nervous.

ford-rs200-evolution-subasta-4The ban of Group B left Ford with 20 units of street RS200 Evolution produced. They were equipped with a engine Ford-Cosworth BDT-E, 2.1-liter displacement and delivered a power of 450 CV street – always with a manual change of 5 relciones. They were simple to enhance, and Ford stepped up this unit in particular up to 600 HP. It was sold to a tycoon in texas oil, and his family – after his death in 1997 – was sold to the founder of the DirtFish Rally School in Seattle, who puts it up for auction currently.

Expect to get between 475.000 and 675.000 dollars in Amelia Island, an event in which this RS200 Evolution will be auctioned off. Offer the future owner a free course on rally, though I doubt that this Ford go to see a single dirt road in its life.


Source: RM Auctions
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