If you like Audi TTS Roadster get ready… you’ll have to choose between him and the Porsche Boxster

While we hope to reach a new generation of Audi TT RS, with, according to the latest rumors, 400 horses, we should not lose sight of an Audi TTS Roadster that offers us a convertible sports compact in size, well served of power and all-wheel drive, but also serves us on a platter the great dilemma of choosing in front of the Porsche Boxster.

Audi TTS Roadster has a starting price of 63.160 euro if we use the version with manual change, while if we use the version with automatic transmission S tronic, the starting price rises very slightly until the 63.385 euros.

Recall that the coupe version has a starting price of 60.150 euros and that among its main rivals we find a Porsche Boxster by 56.938 euros that although it has less power, 265 hp, is adorned with the additional charm of Porsche.

Short keys on the Audi TTS and TTS Roadster:

by way of brief summary of this variant of the new Audi TT have in mind that provides us with a mechanical 2-liter of cubicaje super-charged to reach a total of 300 horses delivered to all four wheels, boasting in addition to a more aesthetically sporty.

to equipment we find some alloy wheels of 18 inches, optics, xenon, sport seats upholstered in alcantara/leather, inserts in aluminium, climate control, the suspension, adaptive magnetic ride, the access system keyless, rear camera and fully digital instrumentation, the Audi Virtual Cockpit.