If you like how you have the things in motor we also like to Steam

If you like the way you have things in motor it is possible that also you like Steam, our new publication. In it we will address issues of technology, culture, society, mobility, and everything else that interests us to read and do motor.

it Is possible that Steam you seem a little weird at the beginning, starting with his name. It is a nod to an element that, despite seeming ethereal, was one of the bases of the Industrial Revolution. We believe that we are in the midst of another great industrial revolution caused by technology-based information, which is revolutionizing everything, including the disabled. Those data that are exchanged millions of machines, including cars and drones, they are the new vapor this revolution. There is another reason for the name, which we explain below in our manifesto.

this is All very nice but, what kind of content will be on Steam? For example, we have made a guide on how to move in Madrid by comparing Cabify, Bluemove, car2go, MyTaxi and other transports. We also talked about how to better organize your work, how to Work, I? There’s an app for that. And also we talk about startups Spanish that want to get into the profitable business of banking.

We have designed Steam as a means of 2016. Without cover, without own domain and no advertising, at least temporarily. Because we believe that the media is going to leave to have their own channels to become creators of content flowing through the network. As we explained in our manifesto:

In the early years of the TWENTY-first Century journalism underwent a great change caused by the mass adoption of the internet. The content went from a solid state, printed on a paste of dead trees, the circulation of the liquid through the screens of a computer.

just a decade later would begin another development. The cover and the web of a medium would be a reminder of the past. Instead, mobile applications such as Facebook or Twitter would be set up a custom cover page for each user, by adding together all those media that follows.

As such, the media would undergo its second transformation, leaving its liquid state to become vapor.

Welcome to the new generation of content. Welcome to Steam.

For this reason, as we know that every time we go less to the covers and access more through social networks, if you want to access Steam you’ll need to follow us on Facebook and Twitter. You can do so using the buttons you have above this text.