If you liked the Alfa Romeo Giulia … will have to wait until next year

On the occasion of Frankfurt Alfa Romeo has introduced us to the new, expected and attractive proposal for the premium sedan segment to which they have dubbed Alfa Romeo Giulia. Now, when will we see the new sedan Alfa Romeo dealerships? seems that the wait is not exactly short …

So far we know that the Alfa Romeo Giulia in Italy QV depart from 79,000 euros, a price that leaves him really close to that of BMW M3 .

According to Auto Express will have to wait until next fall to find at dealerships Alfa Romeo with the new Alfa Romeo Giulia in all its glory, ready to face to face with the BMW 3 series, with the Audi A4 , the Mercedes C Class and company.

By now Alfa Romeo has just taught more performance version:

Recall that to date we have only known the sportiest version of the Alfa Romeo Giulia a Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio Verde ready to conquer our hearts and face the BMW M3 not a few arguments.

A beautiful and breathtaking sight a source V6 Ferrari under the hood, 510 horses , “the stiffest chassis in its class,” a perfect weight distribution …

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