If you liked the Lexus LC you’ll be able to book it to the end of the year and have it in your garage in may

we have Already met the new gran coupe from Lexus, the Lexus LC. We have already had a face-to-face with the Lexus LC 500, you have been told all of the keys on your new transmission, you have been told all about the Lexus LC 500h, his secrets, but when you’ll be able to buy?What price you will have?Who are your rivals?

Lexus Spain by now has resisted revealing how much it will cost its new gran turismo, a coupe that we remember will be available with two engines, a hybrid version of 359 horses, and an alternative gas, with an atmospheric V8, 477 horses, but it is ahead of us during its implementation over in Spain, the date on which you will be able to book and you will arrive at the dealers.

To the end of the year you’ll be able to order your Lexus LC 500 or Lexus LC 500h, arriving the first units next year, in may 2017.

we Can imagine already that the price starting the Lexus LC will be slightly above the current ceiling of the range, a Lexus GS F, which part, in your version, more equipped, from the 122.800 euros, what about 135.000 – 140.000 euros the Lexus LC? Everything points to it.

ahead this model will have to face alternatives such as the Maserati GranTurismo, the Mercedes SL (and in the shadow of the Mercedes S-Class Coupe), the BMW i8 or even scratching any of your customers less die-hard to the brand to the Porsche 911.

are Not presented easy the panorama on the new gran coupe from Lexus, but has good weapons to conquer us: a beautiful and distinct design, a well-kept interior, the charm of the hybridization for the more techies… now to know the result on your price and of course, check what unfolds dynamically.