If you live in the Netherlands, you and up to three friends petrolheads will you be able to share a Porsche sports car

Who would not want to enjoy a sporty Porsche’s recent bill? Unfortunately, to be the owner of a Porsche has a few costs associated important: they are expensive cars and both its maintenance and its consumption – not to mention security – are not suitable for all audiences. However, Porsche has opened in the Netherlands a pilot project that allows using a formula leasing, you and up to three friends can enjoy a Porsche for up to two years, without even being the owners of the car.

This project has been undertaken by Porsche, in cooperation with Vodafona, which has developed an app for this car-sharing.

For once the car-sharing does not imply boring cars urban electric. Up to four people may share a Porsche, you can choose from a wide selection of sports shareaporsche.nl. It is possible to choose from a humble Porsche Cayman with manual gearbox and engine 275 HP up to a beastly Porsche 911 Turbo S 570 HP of power. All the cars are owned by Porsche and have a maximum of two years of age, with a mileage always very moderate. Are not new cars, but almost.

bmwi8_porsche911gts_mapdm_33sports car transferred in leasing arrangements to the participants, which can be a maximum of four people. It is possible to extend the lease for up to two years, although if we want less “commitment”, there is a mode of a year. Leasing is a kind of long-term rental, which differs from contract hire in that there is an option to purchase at end of the period, that contract hire does not exist. the routine maintenance of The car, taxes, insurance and the wear components are included in the quotas.

it Only remains to pay for the gas, plain and simple. According to the number of participants of car sharing, and the annual limit of mileage, the rate per person may increase or decrease. For example, for the case of a Porsche Boxster Black Edition – with only 2,500 km on the odometer – in a period of one year, with a mileage limit of 24,000 miles and four beneficiaries of the lease, we get a monthly cost of 665 euros per person. A reasonable amount, or at least much more affordable than owning a Boxster.

porsche-car-sharingFor a Dutch middle-class is even acceptable as a whim. Maybe with our wages is more desmano, but from here we encourage Porsche Ibérica to perform an action similar.

How to share the four petrolheads Porsche?

By an application, of course. This application allows you to reserve the car, fitting in the planning of leisure of the other participants. It also allows control in a concise way the number of miles that each participant has covered, as well as the time and mileage remaining on the lease. A modern version of “now my turn” that much child we liked to say in the parks and swings. The application also allows you to plan routes and control the fuel consumption of our sport.

Source: Porsche
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