If you neglect it, a motocultor could humble yourself in your next race [video]

do you Know what is a motocultor? An instrument for agricultural, just a motor connected to a pair of wheels. One person is needed to guide the motocultor, which usually equip accessories to ploughing a field or cutting grass, for example. Usually carry small diesel engines, with power outputs very low. But they are very light, and extremely capable given the size of their engines. When a crazy thai power until the end, is a machine capable of humiliating your car in the next race.

This motocultor carries a diesel engine-Kubota three-cylinder, and less than a liter of displacement.

The potentiation has been extreme, possibly using a turbocharger of high performance. All extra horse that you pull out of your engine one-liter – about, tend to be in the air of less than a liter of the front – going transmitted directly to the wheels. With a very low weight (in the background, a motocultor is not more than a motor to two wheels stuck, literally), all power gained is in the best performance.

The pick-up, against which the motocultor struggle is an Isuzu with a diesel engine. His power is unknown, but at least they are 250 HP or 300 HP. Take a look at their slicks in the rear and thinner front wheels. And after, take a look as it falls to the power of the motocultor. Or if it does not fall, the agricultural machine get to give you a good scare. Priceless the video on these lines.

Source: Farm Tractor
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