If you order a Domino’s Pizza, you bring in the car

chevrolet-spark-dominos-pizzaMany of us, in nights of laziness or a meeting with friends, we have fallen into the temptation of asking a pizza delivery. Dispatchers are known for motorcycle scooter with drawer behind. Until now. The company pizza Domino’s Pizza it has been proposed to improve its service delivery by creating the perfect car of a cast, a Chevrolet Spark.

no, Not only has been caught a car and it has filled the trunk of pizza, but has been prepared to conscience to greatly improve the service. You only have to see pictures to realize that this is a car designed exclusively to take the pizza home. Hot in addition.

Chevrolet Spark

Chevrolet Spark

Domino’s Pizza has chosen the Chevrolet Spark for being a small car, in the end, a car of small dimensions makes it easy to handle in cities and tight places. Not to mention that it is easier to park while the dealer comes up to the customer’s home. Not in vain, this small car is capable of carrying up to 80 pizzas.

The key is in a rear part engaged in the transportation of pizza, with a oven interior that allows you to deliver the pizza hot to the customer. On a bike there are a very limited number of pizzas that can be transported, increasing considerably with this car and, in addition to keeping them warm.

time Domino’s Pizza will test this new configuration, called Domino’s Pizza Delivery Expert, this same month of October in the united States. At the moment that will be your market and intends to in the coming months to increase its fleet up to the 100 cars the length and breadth of the united States.

Source – Domino’s Pizza

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