If you order now, the BMW M2 will come in 2017

The waiting time in the deliveries of the new BMW M2 is already one of the main comidillas to the arrival of this vitaminado BMW 2 Series to our market. We have already tested, soon you’ll be able to read the test of the BMW M2, but did you know that if you reserve one now you will not be able to drive it until next year?

BMW sold last year to 64,000 M units, whether BMW M (M3, M5…) or BMW M Performance M235i, M550d…)

With a price 62.900 euros in our market, 67.708 euros if you choose with the automatic, the BMW M2 has caused an authentic furor in both the units that will be delivered in Spain during 2016 will be for those who reserved the model after having seen it only in photographs.

The first units have already begun to deliver, in fact surely you are already with a unit in some other BMW dealer, but today if you book the car you will have to wait until 2017 to see it in your garage.

BMW wants to reduce the age of access to the range M with this model and its price, the above-mentioned 62.900 euros, will be one of the great tricks that you will play with this model to achieve this, although it is precisely arguments of purchase is not lacking if we take into account your looks or your dynamic.

A 6-cylinder under the hood, 370 horses to the rear-wheel drive, those flared wheel arches, a good endowment of equipment, components of the part of the cycle of inherited directly from the BMW M3 and M4…

do You suffer the sales of the BMW M2 by the fact of having to wait “much”? I don’t think so. We are talking about a whim that we were looking forward to and all the points in your favor sure that they weigh more than the waiting time, in most cases.

From BMW in addition we have pointed out that their production, which is carried out in the same line as that of the BMW 2-Series “normal”, will soon be increased to satisfy this demand.