If you value the lives of your pets, don’t leave them in a car parked in the sun

Is summer, and a large part of our country temperatures exceed 30 degrees. When we left the car parked in the sun, it produces in its interior a greenhouse. The temperature of the interior increases rapidly, and in a matter of minutes, you can overcome in 20 or more degrees to the already high temperature of the streets. Needless to say, what dangerous this temperature increase can be to any living being in our vehicle. Leave our pets in a car parked in the sun is to expose them to a danger of death.

why is it so dangerous the heat is for our pets?

A pet like a dog or a cat cannot regulate its body temperature as efficiently as a human.

unlike human beings, pets – in this article we will talk about dogs and cats primarily, but it is equally dangerous for babies, children and the elderly – do not have the same ease of regulating your body temperature. The human nose to the grindstone, and thereby avoid an excessive rise in body temperature. dogs and cats do not have sweat glands, and they regulate their temperature by panting or through the ventilation in areas with little hair. Imagine sitting in a car with a jacket skin without any perspiration.

rescatar-perro-coche-01-1440pxThe animals run high a lot faster than us, and arrive before the dangerous situation of heat stroke. A heat stroke occurs when the cooling systems of a living being – think of the cooling system of a car – fail to prevent your body temperature exceeds the optimum vital. When we have fever we’re hot or numb with, and the difference with respect to our normal temperature usually does not exceed two degrees celsius. It is a precise balance and really delicate.

The temperature in the interior of a car will bend easily to the outside in just minutes if it’s a hot day.

If the body temperature of an animal exceeds 40 degrees, a heat stroke can cause brain damage irreversible, and even death. Worst of all, is that it happens much faster than we think: when the outside temperature is a comfortable 26 degrees, a closed car in the sun it gets to 48 degrees in less than half an hour. Imagine a car parked in full sun with 38 degrees of temperature. An NFL player american decided to check this increase of heat in the first person:

With an outside temperature of 32 degrees, it reached 49 degrees in only 8 minutes. The NFL player, in full physical form and youth, has experienced a patent in just 10 minutes. This video published by PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) also tries to illustrate the suffering of a dog left to his fate in the interior of a car in the sun, with emphasis on the panic and stress that will suffer the animal to not be able to escape from the cage burning in which you have enclosed.

What can I do to avoid this danger to my pet?

The interior of a car parked in the sun is a furnace that can cause death to your pet in only 15 minutes.

it Appears extremely obvious, but cases of animal deaths in cars parked in the sun will continue to repeat year after year. If it is absolutely indispensable to leave the animal in the car, seek the shade, make sure that the windows are open, well – it’s not worth with a couple of fingers – and that the animal has fresh water in abundance. Under no circumstances leave the animals locked in the trunk of the car or in the typical trailer glass fiber: are furnaces even more effective that the interior of the car.

skoda-accesorios-perros-2considers the possibility of stopping at places that allow the presence of pets, and bring them with you. Plan your trip having your pet in mind, and think about if it is absolutely necessary to travel with them in the summer. As much as the miss, you will be much better at home than trapped in the suffocating interior of a car parked in the sun. Similarly, a bag with ice cubes or “poles” with his I think can help to reduce your body temperature through the tongue. There are alternatives.

all in all, many people think that “not necessary”, and “what else does the death of the dog.” To them, we remind them that there is something called the Criminal Code.

article 337 explicit:

“the who by any means or procedure unreasonably abuse an animal home or amansado”, causing the death of or injury which would seriously impair her health, shall be punished with imprisonment from three months to one year of imprisonment and special disqualification for one to three years for the exercise of profession, craft or trade that has a relationship with the animals.”

article 631 says the following:

“those who abandon a pet in conditions that can jeopardize their life or their integrity will be punished with the penalty of a fine of fifteen days to two months.”

What do I do if I find an animal locked up in the sun in a car?

Unfortunately, in Spain it is not legal to break the window of a car to save an animal dying from the heat.

Imagine that you walk along the street and you see a dog locked in a car in full sun, scratching the doors and windows to get out. In some places in the united States anyone could break the window of the car to save the life of the animal, but in places like Spain we would be attacking private property if you break the glass or force the door. The most recommended is notify the authorities – Local Police, Seprona or the Guardia Civil – and at the same time try to locate the owner, which will be near.

rescatar-perro-coche-02-1440pxIf the situation is critical and only immediate action can save the animal, keep in mind that you may incur legal trouble if you break the window of the car or forces the access to its interior. If you still forward, a few blogs recommended the presence of witnesses to corroborate the authorities that the reason was to save the life of the animal, not a theft or vandalism. Of course, needless to say, the full weight of the law should fall on those who have exposed your pet to a slow and painful death: report.