If you want more power for your BMW M4 G-Power has 132 horses more for you

G-Power because we had offered a kit of empowerment for the BMW M4 leading to the coupe prestacional up to 520 horses. Now G-Power offers us 40 horses more for a total of 563 horses… for if the 431 original horse I knew very little.

BMW M4 has a starting price of 92.100 €

This preparation has already been seen in the BMW M3 and it was logical to expect it in the BMW M4, offering in addition to the extra power, an extra pair considerable, developing 170 Nm more for a total of 720 Nm.

563 horses at 6500 rpm and 720 Nm to 4,500 rpm is right in his worth to the M4 to dial a 0 to 100 km/h in 3.8 seconds reaching a top speed of 280 km/h, a maximum speed limited which can be deslimitada to reach a total of 310 km/h by 668 euros.

G-Power also offers a new system of escape titanium by 5.164 euros, with the possibility of resorting to some outputs-in effect carbon. In addition you can also use a wheels of 21 inches by 7.647 € .


image Gallery BMW M4 prepared by G-Power: