If you want to be like James Bond, you need to its fantastic Aston Martin DB10

Bond, James Bond. The secret agent’s most famous world is one of the cultural icons of our era, and his universe automobile is extremely rich. Therefore, we have developed a number of special on their cars. Over the past few years, James Bond has always relied on Aston Martin. The sports prepared by Q had all kinds of gádgets, under a body is always sexy. Now, you can be the lucky owner of one of the few DB10 in existence. What you will lose this opportunity?

The DB10 has anticipated a design that will premiere at the street DB11, which will be presented at the next Geneva motor show.

The Aston Martin DB10 appeared for the first time in SPECTRE, the last film of the character based on the novels of Sir Ian Fleming. It has been a car designed as the first of a new range of Aston Martin, a new direction stylistically. And its world premiere has been one of the highest grossing films of 2015, in which she starred in a spectacular pursuit accompanied by the Jaguar C-X75, another forbidden fruit automobile, which will not be launched never to the market, for the pain and suffering of the rich of this world.

aston_martin_db10_spectre_dm_1however, this DB10 could be yours. We have built several units, some of which have been completely shattered. However, this is completely functional and has a interior full-which anticipates the future of Aston Martin at the design level. At the technical level, is based on the Aston Martin Vantage – you can consider it a Vantage with a new package – so it retains its engine 4.7 V8 with a maximum power of 426 HP, associated to a manual gearbox of six relations.

Christie’s will hold an auction focused on the universe of James Bond, on the 18th of February in London, for if they catch you in hand – and this DB10 will be one of the stars of the auction. It is expected that their sale price is no less than one million pounds. This car only has the dash signed by Daniel Craig and it is the only drive that Aston Martin, and the producer will offer to the public. It is therefore a unique opportunity to get a car that some experts estimate will reach a sales price greater than two million euros.

Source: R&T
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