If you want your engine and turbo to last two news reports, follow these 6 tips

we Understand that if you are reading motor, you have a minimum respect for your car and its mechanics, and you know how to care for it properly. As you have been told how to take care of a turbo engine, the damage you can cause by going too fast bumps, or the behaviors that should not fall to lengthen the life of the tires. But if you really want to empty your wallet and that your engine and turbo last as long as two television news, just follow without question these instructions. PD: don’t do it.

1) get up and go nothing more to start the engine, even in cold

it is very cold and your car has been sleeping in the street, but don’t worry, your engine understands that you’re in a hurry. Nothing more to pull it off give it a couple of acceleration to take temperature and it begins to roll. Total, “modern engines no longer need to be warmed to work well”. Don’t worry, the lack of lubrication on the inside of the engine – built with tolerances micrometer – will not cause problems in your car. “That’s what happens to those who buy Korean cars or Italian”, as it says your brother-in-law.


2) it Stretches the service intervals recommended

The oil of the cheapest brand of Carrefour is as good as the that indicates the owner’s manual for your car.

how to Change the oil every 15,000 miles? Are we crazy? we Confirm the theory of your co-worker, who says that modern oils are stretched to the double of the miles recommended by manufacturers. Da like ruedes much in the city or will you step on well, at all they are going to lose their lubricating properties. in Addition, with take it to the Norauto already worth. what are you going to pay for lubricants expensive, if modern engines – diesel, with specific powers over 100 HP per liter – what hold up the whole?

3) don’t wait until the oil is warm to “enclose”

needle temperature has already reached the optimum point of temperature. You’ve already been driving relatively happy, but still resonates in your head of something your nephew – that’s a geek of cars, you don’t even have the required age to get the carnet – you said about the temperature of the oil. Do I have to wait 10 or 15 minutes more to be able to give wax to the car? make it Clear that your time is much more valuable, and those slow before you deserve an advancement in such a hurry as your shave.


4) Used in all circumstances, the highest gear

Remember that one patron to enter the bar you once said: “you can’t revolutionize a lot of the turbo engines modern”.

These in the middle of a big slope and your car circulates as a bit of a hurry, but let us case, reduces a gear that you are going to spend less fuel. nothing happens if your engine starts to shake and vibrate as if it were a Barreiros of the years 70, you’re saving money! Of course, always tries to circulate in the highest gear possible, even if you are driving in town at 40 miles per hour. In addition, as well you will take care of the systems anti-pollution of your diesel, that is sure to be broken if two fully a little the engine.

5) upon arrival to your destination, off quickly the engine

As you undertake the march is nothing more turning on the engine, why don’t you go to do the opposite? You’ve been driving two hours by highway at a good speed and you have a mad desire to knock back a beer cold in that area of service. Your car doesn’t need to rest, it is a machine, and must obey without question all of your needs. That the oil is burned, damaging the turbo and other engine parts is another of the things that says your nephew. Do not listen, the kid is still in the institute.


6) Make very short journeys, so the engine is not spent

Short distances and fast, you’re too late to see the match of the league, and referees do not expect.

You have to go to do the weekly shopping at Mercadona, and of course, you’re not going to go away. It is a mile away and they have a parking lot for free. Because you will get off the beer belly in the gym that you targeted a few months ago, makes a lot of heat for walking down the street. That of that the particle filters and I don’t know that of urea is jamming cure a pair of acceleration. In addition, in order to prevent the engine reaches its optimum temperature, so that the oil will last longer. Your colleague Paco store will confirm this theory.

Obviously, what we have recommended in a playful tone is exactly the opposite of what you should do. These malevolent tips will shorten the life of your engine dramatically, and I personally know of cases in which a modern diesel has not even reached the 80,000 km because of the owners – extremely – neglected. If you want to know how to to properly care for your turbo engine, we recommend that you go through this article where we give you tips reliable to ensure a long, full life to your mechanical.