If your Lamborghini Aventador, check sparks out the exhaust, don’t keep “cutting it”

The video that you are going to see below is not nice, although some think so. It is a Lamborghini Aventador, expelling a lot of fire and sparks from your exhaust aftermarket. But especially sparks, an amount amazing of sparks, while its owner is dedicated to bringing the engine to the cutting of the shot, to the cheers of the spectators. The issue is that we may possibly be witnessing the destruction of the motor 6.5 V12 before the impasividad of the owner. Let’s look at what is going on.

is Not a good idea to cut a V12 high-ratio compression for several minutes in a row.

One of the possibilities is that the owner has built the escape something that is burning before the passage of the exhaust gases, giving rise to a tremendous show of sparks. The second possibility is that the exhaust aftermarket is of dubious quality and it is little by little destroying to the passage of a large volume of gases at hundreds of degrees of temperature. The third and most plausible possibility is that those sparks are produced because the engine is devorándose yourself: are pieces of piston and possibly segments.

Cut the engine for a minute is one of the worst things that you can do to an engine. The internal components are not designed to withstand “the red line” indefinitely, that’s why they install limiters to the regime of rotation of the motor. The friction is maximum, and if we cut a V12 high-ratio compression for a long time, we may see something like this video. What awaits the owner is a looming bill of tens of thousands of euros. All-out on YouTube.

Source: GTspirit
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