If you’re in New York, your taxi driver could pick you up in a DeLorean DMC-12

In a few hours – in hours – american Marty McFly will arrive in the year 2015, in the parking lot of the shopping center Twin Pines Mall. To commemorate the anniversary of “Back to the Future II”, have been raised various promotional actions, and one of them may be the palm. Only during the day of today, any person who is in New York could request a taxi service, Lyft, and that a real DeLorean would come to find. From the application we will be able to see if the DeLorean is close to us.

Imagine that you ask for a taxi and instead of a boring saloon, appears a brand new DeLorean DMC-12.

The action has been sponsored in part by the communications provider Verizon, and promises to be the protagonist of hundreds of photos and videos during the day today. New York is a city with thousands of tourists at any time of the year, a city where everything is possible, but even the DeLorean DMC-12 draw attention. A sport that has been characterized with the authentic accessories of the flying car of Marty McFly, including its capacitor fluzo or your system Mr. Fusion propulsion clean. Possibly the cab driver to go dress McFly.

delorena-back-futureA system able to use garbage to feed to the reactor of the car, obviously fictional. What I doubt that it is possible in New York is to reach the 88 miles per hour necessary to make a trip back in time. Not only be illegal, but because of the tremendous potholes on the roads of New York city – I’ve been in african countries, better paved, and I say this completely seriously – would derail the career ahead of time. If you’re in New York, requested a Lyft, and let us know if a DeLorean has happened to you to search.

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