IK-2 Suzuki Concept be located above when produced Swift 2016


The hatchback that next year will be located above Swift was introduced in the S alón Geneva Motor as a prototype called Suzuki iK-2 Concept. has a 1.0 liter engine and a hybrid system SHVS that stores braking energy .


Suzuki-iK-2-Concept-2 A other prototype showing the outlines of a future compact SUV, including developments Suzuki prepared to present during Geneva Motor Show is the Suzuki iK-2 Concept, a compact that the brand plans to bring into production in 2016, reaching over Swift.

Aesthetically the iK-2 has a front that occurs with some light clusters incorporating some LED headlights A bumper with large air intakes and grill that even includes part of the headlights. The roof has an appearance of floating rate, thanks to B-pillars and painted black .

The Suzuki iK-2 will go into production next year.

The posterior sector, discreet design features headlights that can not hide their similarity to those of DS3 a lunette on top incorporates a small spoiler and bumper that simulates a diffuser.

The aesthetic is complemented with alloy wheels 18 inches .

Based on a new platform your body measures 4.02 meters in length , 1.92 meters wide and a height that is at 1.45 meters, while its wheelbase is 2.52 meters.

Under the hood is hiding a thruster 1.0 liter Boosterjet turbocharged system equipped with direct injection , which has not been specified level of power or performance.

However Suzuki said that the production version may be purchased with SHVS hybrid system (Smart Hybrid Vehicle by Suzuki) which achieves excellent fuel economy and low emissions CO2.

The hybrid system incorporates a regenerative braking system that stores energy in lithium ion batteries achieving improved energy efficiency.






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