Illustration: Skoda Yeti 2017, the Czech brand begins its offensive SUV


Recreation of the Skoda Yeti 2017

Until the moment the range of Skoda has no model to compete in the category of SUV but this is going to change. This is the niche that most grows in Europe and the Czech brand is not going to pass up the opportunity to be present in a segment so juicy commercially speaking.

For it to hit the market until four SUV being the first of them Skoda Yeti 2017. The current generation features a design very personal, but the czechs are going to rethink your positioning to be offered in the second generation as a compact SUV which will be about 4.4 metres in length.

Your appearance will be much more conventional and classic, following the design language of the latest releases of the brand central as you can see in our recreation. Due to its larger size, the Skoda Yeti will also provide a space considerably larger occupants in its interior, which will hold a five-seat configuration.


The current Yeti will be replaced by a very different model

The new Skoda Yeti will be manufactured in the plant Czech Kvasiny, as does the Seat Ateca. Precisely the Yeti will inherit many elements of the SUV Spanish, both in terms of platform-as-a-level mechanic, and both will compete in the same category although the Ateca has come to the market with some months of advantage.

in Addition to the Yeti, the manufacturer central european also enjoy in its range a SUV-shaped coupe -very trendy – and a SUV of larger size and seven-seater. Will be based on the prototype Skoda VisionS, your final length should be around 4.7 metres and it is speculated that his name could be Kodiak. The last to arrive will be a crossover approach urbanite, which would complete the offer of Skoda.

news Illustration: Skoda Yeti 2017, the Czech brand begins its offensive SUV was originally published in by Oscar Magro.