Illustration: The future Opel GT with which we dreamed of would be as well


The Opel GT Concept we put the honey on the lips by promising a sporty small and light in the range of the German manufacturer. However, from the brand point out that this is a study of design and finally the magnificent prototype shown at the Geneva motor show 2016 will not pass from the conceptual phase, will not come to production.

“The Opel GT Concept is a purely a conceptual study with which we wish to present the innovations that some day we’ll put in any production car of Opel”, ensure from the brand from Rüsselsheim. In this recreation digital we can see what it is that we are missing.

The sketch shows the area that could be a hypothetical Opel GT in the showrooms. The model would lose some of its elements more futuristic as the windows built-in side and the tires of disproportionate size to the time adicionaría a few handles of opening and lateral mirrors.

The result would be a beautiful coupe just four meters in length which surely would be able to capture all eyes to your step. Yes that will remain the magnificent headlamps with the lighting system matrix IntelliLux of the brand, which gives a lot of personality to your front.

The configuration of this Opel is one of its most suggestive since it places the engine in front position and the traction is sent to rear axle, providing an optimal weight distribution. The hood of the lightweight prototype gives shelter to an efficient mechanical fuel 1.0 three-cylinder and 145 HP, enough to go from 0 to 100 km/h in less than 8 seconds and reach 215 km/h.

news Illustration: The future Opel GT with the that we dreamed it would be and was originally published in by Oscar Magro.