Imagine the Volkswagen Golf Tesla, a Model 3 and 5 doors, and why not?

we Know that the last shoot of Tesla is something more than a sedan. The new Tesla Model 3 will grow as a full range of products, which implies new bodies. Reason to think a derivative of five-door, a compact line of Volkswagen Golf is not, or much less, far-fetched. For the moment it does not seem that this move to attack the heart of Volkswagen in the plans, though we do know that evolution most obvious of Tesla Model 3 is a crossover more affordable than the Tesla Model X. But for what reason would make much sense to a Tesla Model 3, a compact, five-door, and stood out as the Volkswagen Golf of Tesla?

The answer is simple: Europe. Even with the rise of the crossover, in Europe we continue worshiping the compact five-door, which is kept solid in the lists of the most sold.

What you see are recreations of Theophilus Chin imagining a Tesla Model 3 compact. A priori it does not seem that Tesla go to bet on this category, although, with time, and if their interests are directed primarily towards Europe, that would be your best move. And if you look at the success of electric, especially in the north of Europe, such as the Nissan Leaf, it is clear that the idea makes sense.


today we already know that the Tesla Model 3 has closed more than 400,000 bookings or, better said, deposits that guarantee priority access to the waiting list of the new Model 3, when they start deliveries. In 24 hours, Tesla had already sold 135.000 cars. To this still will have to wait. Remember that your production will start by the end of 2017, and Tesla still need to tune their facilities to enjoy enough production capacity to cope with the high demand generated by this electric car. See video of the presentation of the Tesla Model 3.

didn’t even know many details of the Tesla Model 3. Although all that we know, as we told, in this to fund the Tesla Model 3 by 2017, in 3 keys.

And as we discover if Tesla dies, or not, of success, we can only imagine what will be the next big step for Elon Musk. How dare some day to launch your own Volkswagen Golf electric, a product with the possibility of best-seller in Europe? Who knows…

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