Imagining a less radical Alfa Romeo Giulia, where do they go on sale?

They have made rivers of ink on the new Alfa Romeo Giulia. It is a car that has left us deeply shocked at its Quadrifoglio Verde version . No wonder, it is almost a Ferrari with four doors, capable of reaching 320 km / h, with an aesthetic that love, instilling fear Mercedes, Audi and BMW . But we can not forget that is the top version. His diesel and petrol versions not as high performance they are given feed that Alfa Romeo, which have to function well. We imagine these Alfa Romeo Giulia .

This will be the Alfa Romeo Giulia access to the range

At the launch of Giulia gave no information about their release or other engines.

Recreation published yesterday shows a car less radical aesthetics. No carbon fiber splitter, or rims are so large . In fact, they are much simpler and smaller model multirradio design. There is also no hint of carbonocer├ímicos brakes, but the rest of the front of the car is quite similar to Giulia Quadrifoglio Verde. It is foreseeable that in the back – not recreated – lost its four tailpipes , they are replaced by two single outputs, including


alfa-romeo-giulia-interior-260615-00 The interior itself should be quite similar to the Giulia Quadrifoglio Verde, although we assume that without such an aggressive wheel, start button included. The launch of the Alfa Romeo Giulia will not happen until 2016 safely. It will be one of the main attractions of Frankfurt, which may be presented not only in the version Quadrifoglio Verde. In any case we have to wait at least until next year to start selling in the sales network of Alfa Romeo year.

The range would start with both diesel and gasoline engines of near 140 hp powers. [1.99902 million]

The range of conventional engines will not reach the end of the QV version. Alfa Romeo has access to all the technology of the Fiat Group, so the chances are that its more affordable versions employ 1.4 T-Jet engines – possibly with outputs of 140 hp and 170 hp – while the Access version probably will use a 2.0 diesel Multijet 140 bhp. Thereafter, the Multijet could yield up to 170 hp and the range of gasoline have a powerful 1.8 TBi with an output around 200 hp.

alfa-romeo-giulia-bocetos-270615-01 But 200 hp to 510 hp Quadrifoglio Verde Giulia is only one stretch. That distance may be occupied by an version 3.0 turbodiesel Giulia , or supercharged petrol 3.0 V6, both options with nearly 300 hp and clear inheritance Maserati. In the case of premium as Mercedes C-Class, Audi A4 or BMW 3 Series, these options exist. It will be seen if Alfa Romeo decides to simplify its range or going big to for premium. Views gills with QV hope it will be the latter.

a family version, whose development cost is low from the saloon also be feasible and desirable.

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