Imagining the Alfa Romeo Giulia SportWagon

A digital artist gives us an idea of how it could look Alfa Romeo Giulia SportWagon when it reaches production. The family version will be one of the variants of the bodywork of the new Giulia.

Alfa Romeo Giulia SportWagon (Proyección)Dince I know the new generation of the Alfa Romeo Giulia, the digital artists have taken to their imagination developing the most various variants of body. What we have seen in the format of a coupe, spyder, SUV and even a racing version for the category DTM.

But among the variants that actually will arrive to the market is a version with bodywork of the family, which presumably will be marketed under the name Giulia SportWagon. With that information, the digital artist Italian Alessandro Masera, carried out a projection that allows us to take a preview about how it could show off a production version of the Giulia SW.

The bodywork of the four doors opens step to a variant with five door. On A visual level is changed the rear lights, adds up to a gate and incorporates the outputs quad exhaust in the diffuser later.

Alfa Romeo Giulia SportWagon will hit the market as a substitute for 159 SportWagon and just like the sedan version, it will do so with a design format that is more aggressive. It is still early to know the format of the production version, but the projection prepared by Masera gives us a good idea of what it will look like the model that finally reaches the market.