Imagining the Alfa Romeo Giulia Sportwagon


We do not know whether the new Alfa Romeo Giulia will be offered with familiar body type. However this recreation of a possible Giulia Sportwagon does not look too bad


Alfa Romeo Giulia Sportwagon (Recreación) A lfa Romeo has so far only shown us the version Quadrifoglio Verde new generation of Giulia, but we know that there will be even more simple variants that have been hunted by photographers while performing dailies on open roads.

A Gulia Sportwagon opponent of the German family as.

Although it appears that a family variant new Alfa Romeo Giulia will soon arrive, there has still been no official announcement. Of course that does not mean that independent designers throw their imaginations, as in the case of Theo Chin this week brings this recreation of Giulia Sportwagon .

This product might make sense considering Giulia almost all competitors have a version with familiar body type. In a variant with AWD, one Giulia Sportwagon QV could become a more than worthy rival of Audi RS4 Avant or Mercedes C63 AMG Estate .

But to know more about the plans of the brand for this new product will have to wait until next month, as the Giulia is one of the most important news that Alfa Romeo will be taking the Motor Frankfurt , where it could also debuting facelift MiTo, which was already photographed while carrying out his last final adjustments.



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