Imagining the future Alfa Romeo Giulietta

The new Alfa Romeo Giulia has opened the door to a new reality in the Italian stylistic signature, a new perspective, new features, new finishes that sooner or later will extend to other brand alternatives. Today we imagine as it could be a new Alfa Romeo Giulietta under the baton of new stylistic way ahead by Giulia.

There are rumors or sources of firm consistency detailing the arrival of a possible successor to the Alfa Romeo Giulietta.

Theophilus Chin is responsible for shaping this hypothetical Alfa Romeo Giulietta influenced by the lines seen in the Alfa Romeo Giulia, creating a compact, attractive appearance, also enhanced by this attractive clover logo, for those sports bumpers, for those tires, the lateral gill, these skirts …

Previous rumors had set in 2016 the arrival of this new generation of Giulietta senses something as improbable, we can not lose sight of sources that directly kill both the Giulietta and Mito , leaving no successors for small signature and recreation making this an even greater dream.

can not lose sight of in the coming years is expected to SUV of Alfa Romeo and a second saloon , this segment of the E.

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