Imagining the next Audi A5


We have with us a new generation of Audi A4 and of course after arrival, after the initial rush of its launch, we have not been able to resist and to imagine how it will be and the more performance based version, Audi RS4 that could also come in sedan format, nor we could not resist to imagine what will be the next Audi A5 .

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Led by RM Design stumbled on a good recreation of what we will find hypothetically arrival of the new Audi A5 , a recreation that makes it clear that aesthetic philosophy conservative which has already been commissioned to demonstrate the new Audi A4.

In addition to this conservative approach is easy to imagine under the skin of the new Audi A5 largely cast of engines presented with the new Audi A4 to remember now account for three engines TFSI and four engines TDI that leave us with a power range of between 150 and 272 horses .

Lighter, more spacious, a new interior configuration in which no lack of fully digital instrumentation …

But when will we see?

According to the latest rumors about next year we will know the coupe version, so we will have to face even a good list of rumors and developments on the technical section and the arrival of the convertible variants and Sportback.


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