Imagining the next-generation of the BMW Series 1

BMW Serie 1 renderIn the 2015 BMW 1 Series presented a face wash that was a change, and a significant improvement. What we were able to see first-hand, as we had the opportunity to get behind the wheel of the popular compact German. However, in the world of automobile the trend is to always look to the future and we are already with some other recreation as it would be the next generation of this Series 1.

To have been renewed so recently, the new generation not expected until at least by the end of 2017/beginning of 2018. In paragraph aesthetic can be seen in major changes, that give an image more mature the 1-Series. This is achieved by adopting some elements of his older brothers, a logical evolution, which provides further robustness to the model.

BMW Serie 1 2015

BMW 1-Series 2015

Because the major news will come at the mechanistic level. The new generation will be based on the platform UKL, that was introduced by the BMW 2-Series Active Tourer and subsequently adopted by the new BMW X1. This will be the farewell of the rear-wheel-drive currently used, which will be replaced by the front-wheel drive or the all-wheel drive xDrive for powerful versions.

The range of engines will also receive new three-cylinder and four-cylinder of the brand, although to confirm this we will have to wait still. This same architecture with front-wheel drive will be adopted in advance by the BMW 1-Series Sedan, that could well be inspired by the prototype BMW Concept Compact Sedan. Although it is not yet clear if this version will be a global model rivalizará with the Mercedes CLA or the Audi A3 Sedan; or on the contrary will only come to a few markets.

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