Imagining the Renault production Alaskan


The Renault Alaskan imagined as a production model through the work of digital artist. The Alaskan builds on the Nissan Navara NP300.


Renault Alaskan Pickup (Proyección X-Tomi Design) R enault have its full-size pickup and so forward with prototype Alaskan presented recently. It is based on the product Nissan NP300 Navara , which its implementation is expected during the first half of 2016 and this week had its official debut under the Motor Frankfurt .

But just see the outlines of the prototype, clearly sees that we are facing a design that t endra few variations when it finally arrives in showrooms of the brand, more than a few elements clearly identify it as a conceptual work. That is why boys X-Tomi made a digital recreation , that based on the prototype and stripping of those elements of a concept car we have as the model of would production .

Gone are the huge alloy wheels of 21 inches that contributed much to the imposing image of the Renault Alaskan, which were replaced by a more conventional , plus the addition of mirrors and finishes more in line with the a production model.



Car lover since I can remember, the Scalextric toy cars and scale were responsible for turning

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