Imagining the renewal of the Audi A1 that should arrive in 2018

Render Audi A1

In the year 2010, Audi was relocated to a new denomination with a completely new model, the Audi A1. The smallest model of the brand has known how to fight in a segment where, until now, had not the label “premium” and, in addition, being born during the economic crisis. 7 years have passed since the Audi A1 came to the market, having suffered the occasional update, but if everything follows its course, 2018 might be his last year.

Typically the life-cycles of a generation usually last 8 years, being for this reason that we say that likely end its commercialization in 2018. However, the more likely it is that the Audi A1 will not die, but that is relieved by a second generation of this flirty little B-segment that lives of her image and of its qualities, because the space is not precisely its greatest virtue, as we check a few months ago with the Audi S1.

MR CarDesign has already thought of the next generation of the Audi A1, and has ventured to imagine, in their way, as it could be the generational. So, we have these two renders, one of the profile front and another profile rear, depending on how they think that could be the new model.

Render Audi A1

In these images we can clearly see the grille Singleframe chrome-plated and in large dimensions, as well as a bumper that incorporates large air intakes. The general lines seem to be borrowed from the current Audi A1, while the details are similar to those used in models such as the Audi A3 and the Audi Q2.

as well as the new Seat Ibiza recently presented, and the Volkswagen Polo which we will see shortly, the Audi A1 next generation used for the first time the platform MQB A0, so we can expect a better dynamic configuration and dimensions that could be quite different to that we see in the current model.

Source – MR CarDesign

Audi A1
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