Imola aims to share the GP of Italy Monza


The autodromo Enzo e Dino Ferrari of Imola will bid farewell to the Formula 1 in 2006, when he lost the possibility of organizing the Grand Prix of San Marino. Now, after a remarkable remodeling of their facilities, re-emerged in the world of the engine and, as a colophon, its promoters aim to host the Grand Prix of Italy.

Monza, however, is not willing to lose the Big Prize and has the support of the Automobile Club of Italy, by the Director of the circuit, Daniele Manca, offers the possibility of alternating between the two circuits, as happened with the Grand Prix of Germany at Hockenheim and Nürburgring.

“I have proposed a system of alliances which take account of the two circuits. Monza, whose story I want to respect, and Imola, with 26 Great Prizes of Formula 1”, said Daniel Manca.

“Our proposal is not an open competition with Monza

Bernie Ecclestone plays their cards with the sole purpose of getting the best possible contract and, in Baku, stated that “it would be better to be in Monza, I guess. Or, perhaps, in any site, you will see”. On the other hand, Daniele Manca, warning you that you are not willing to tolerate the Automobile Club of Italy take a stand for Monza -thing that is intended to do-, “to million for finance to Monza, and to us nothing. Our proposal is not a competition open to Monza, because we can also create a alternation,”, stated Manca to Gazzetta dello Sport.

For his part, the President of the ACI (Automobile Club of Italy, Angelo Sticchi, not he is in favour of the proposal of Lame and recognizes that the negotiation with Ecclestone “it is very complex. For the first time assume the burden of organising a Formula 1 Grand Prix. In Monte carlo there was a meeting with Ecclestone and it has been possible to find common ground on the issue. We are near the conclusion, despite some actions that have lengthened and complicated the deal”, concluded Sticchi, clarified that “the involvement of the ICA, which is straightforward, is for a Grand Prix of Italy in Monza not Imola”.