Impeccable Toyota Supra Turbo mkIV 1994 for sale


Toyota Supra Turbo 1994.

If you yesterday we showed a magnificent example, not brand new but fully new rare Mitsubishi 3000 GT, today we find ourselves with a case very similar, a strangely pristine Toyota Supra Turbo, 1994, one of the few units that can be found in this state and with very few miles available for sale today.

in contrast To the model of Mitsubishi, the Toyota Supra mkIV is a legend among fans and has many fans around the world. So it is very strange to be more than 30 years after a drive so little used and so well maintained.

The specimens of this model used to take very little in the market in second-hand , and its prices remained stable for years, though this seems to exceed the dimensions common, as it is on sale through the website Bring a Trailer and lack of a week that it is closing its auction, its price has already been set in the us $ 60,000.


Absolutely original and flawless.

The reasons that it has managed to maintain in this state for more than 30 years, are simple. In the first place, even though it has already had 3 owners, has been preserved by these with care, and has been given very little use during this time. In fact he was safe in a collection. And finally, this exemplary features automatic transmission 4 relationships, the least desired by the fans of the model, so it has not run much danger of receiving multiple mechanical modifications and garish decorations.

This account with the engine 2JZ-GTE 6-cylinder with twin-scroll turbocharger that delivers 324 HP (320 hp) and 427 Nm of torque, without modifications of any kind and in perfect running order, with a recent review that included the replacement of the oil filter and the battery.

Only has 9.115 miles of use and his last owners only has been responsible for the last 150, so that we can get an idea of the treatment and care that you have received this copy.