Important new mechanics in Toyota. More performance and less consumption

TransmisiĆ³n de 10 velocidades de Toyota

Toyota is one of the largest automotive takes more time trying to to reduce the fuel consumption of their vehicles and pollutant emissions. It is precisely these intentions were what drove the brand to develop the Toyota Prius and the systems of hybrid propulsion that, for his part, just as good results and reputation has given them since the late 90’s.

But now comes the turn to give a further twist to these technologies and mechanical systems. Regulations increasingly require, and if they don’t want the rest of brands is approached or exceeded, should continue researching, improving and reinventing. So, Toyota confirms several innovations to their vehicles from 2017, as are a few new transmissions, a new powertrain 2.5 four-cylinder and a new hybrid system, which will significantly improve the performance of their cars.

Motor 2.500 cc de Toyota

According to the signature japanese car, all of these technological developments can improve anything less that a 20 % fuel savings, and a 10 % capacity of response and acceleration of their vehicles. While it may not be too much, are a few very high rates when we talk about yields mechanical. The goal of Toyota is that, in the year 2021, 60% of its passenger cars marketed in Japan, the united States, Europe and China already have these new technologies.

The brand boasts that the new engine 2.5 four-cylinder and direct-injection will be much more efficient, with a thermal efficiency of 40 % in the versions of propulsion, thermal, and 41 % in the vehicle hybrid propulsion. Toyota is also developing a new hybrid drive system that is smaller, lighter and more efficient than the current systems of the company. With respect to what we were talking of the transmissions, future models that are associated with automatic changes will use these transmissions to 8-speed and 10, highlighting its softness and new techniques to reduce internal friction.