In 2016 go away the driving licence BTP for professionals

Mercedes Sprinter ambulanciaIn Spain there are currently to meet the requirements for driving, taxis, ambulances, police vehicles or school transports up to 9 squares and 3.5000 pounds. It’s called BTP and to obtain it is necessary to have a minimum of one year with the B1, in addition to examined. From January 1, 2016 this situation will change, because the DGT will delete the carnet BTP.

provided that this license exists only in Spain and does not have validity beyond our borders, it has been decided to abolish it to suit the categories of existing permissions in the Permission to create a Single European Driving of the countries of the European Union. There are already permissions on that card unified which include the vehicles authorized to drive the BTP.

Volkswagen Caddy Taxithose Who possess the BTP will not have to worry about, in the membership drive will remain until these are renewed. The owners of the BTP will be able to continue driving the vehicles for which before they were required, with independence of which must comply with the requirements set out in the legislation for the sector. The suppression of the BTP will be reflected in the General Regulation of Drivers after the publication of the same in the official gazette before 31 December 2015.

The carnet BTP authorizes driving vehicles priority urgent service (ambulance, police, fire…), school transportation vehicles when transporting school children or any other type of transport of people (professionals) if and when it is not in excess of nine squares and 3,500 kg of maximum authorised mass.

Source – DGT

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