In 2016, the end of the permit BTP will be a fact


Photo: michel (Flickr) CC BY

allow BTP disappears from the Spanish regulations from 1 January 2016.

This permission was necessary for “driving vehicles priority when travelling in express service, vehicles that perform school bus when transporting school children and vehicles intended for the carriage of passengers in service of such nature, all of them with a maximum authorised mass not exceeding 3,500 kg, and their number of seats, including the driver, not exceeding nine”.

starting in 2016, the permit conventional is valid for all of those functions, to adapt to the Spanish legislation the Directive 2014/85/EU of the Commission of 1 July 2014. The time to adapt our legislation had just been morning.

In consequence, are modified in the General Regulation of Drivers the following sections:

  • Annex IV, “Skills psychophysical to obtain or extend the term of the permit or a driving licence”
  • Annex V, “Tests to be performed by the applicants of the various authorizations”

All permit holders BTP will be able to continue to meet their responsibilities the same way he was doing now, only that to renew the permit to remove the mention of the BTP. The permit was only valid in Spain. On the other hand, the reform in the law which prevents that drivers have more of a permission of movement existing community.

For more information please check the Royal Decree 1055/2015, of 20 of November, by which modifies the General Regulation of Drivers, approved by Royal Decree 818/2009, of 8 may.