In 2016 we will know the facelift of the Audi A3

After the facelift of the Mercedes s Class and BMW 1 Series, Audi seems ready to introduce the relevant evolution of the Audi A3. According to the latest rumors would know this facelift next year, but what will be new?

The current Audi A3 was introduced in February 2012

Among the most important changes of this facelift would be the introduction of digital instrumentation already seen on the Audi TT and the Audi A4.

During the past few days has left to see, still camouflaged, Audi A3 sedan, which leaves in evidence the imminent facelift that taking into account the dates in which we could be scheduled for the next Geneva.

This face wash would seek to harmonize even more the Audi A3, in the middle of its commercial life, with the recent Audi A4, Audi TT and Audi Q7, by introducing very small nuances in its design, with a new grille, new optics and slight changes in its rear bumper.

in Addition, in your car, we would find, in the versions are better equipped, with the Audi Virtual Copkit which, we recall, was introduced in the Audi TT, reminding us a fully digital instrumentation that looks very eye-catching and with a customizable interface that features the ability to view the browser.

Other small changes could include the review of certain controls, leaving us in doubt whether we will see or not a system of air conditioning integrated into the own aerators as seen in the Audi A4 and the Audi TT.

In terms of the functions do not expect major changes, let us remember that the Audi A3 is already has a good repertoire of solutions connected.

But… what happens with your engines?

By now you have heard rumors about if you could introduce new alternatives or how they could evolve the existing ones, although we can imagine a certain reduction of consumption and therefore emissions levels.

If it is to meet the forecasts in a few months we could already be witnessing the arrival of this face wash that would extend to both compact as the sedan and the cabrio.