In 2017 the car production in Spain declined 1,5%

To the end of 2016, the automotive sector Spanish were about to meet the Plan 3 Million the Spanish Association of Manufacturers of Cars and Trucks (ANFAC) had established, as the production of cars stood at 2.9 million units. Therefore, it is expected to be in 2017 when the plants in spain could overcome this barrier, demonstrating the power that has our labor force to the world.

however, the production of cars in Spain not only has not grown, but that has declined in 2017, compared to 2016 in a of 1.5 percent. The final data were released with a total production of 2.848.335 million units. This figure is not for anything bad (in terms isolated), the problem lies in the fact that our industry is primarily an exporter, and it is precisely in the countries that have the largest number of vehicles receive, where there are some problems that are impacting directly in our factories.

Uk is one of the pitfalls that have prevented the production of cars in Spain to achieve the set goal, as the Brexit is generating a situation of instability never before known. Another country that is not going through its best moment is Turkey, since the political situation that the country lives is weighing on sales. Therefore, the production plants of our country have had to to adjust its production to these events, even to score some strikes.

The total volume of the exports spain has been the past year a total of 2.435.336 million of units. The countries that are best behavior have had have been France (+34%), Italy (+15,7) and Germany (+7%). In addition, the american continent has also increased its dependence on the Spanish factories, for exports to this destination rose by 12.3 percent.

together, 65 per cent of exports that has taken place in Spain during the past year have gone to Germany, France, Turkey and the United Kingdom so that if Spain wants to achieve the goal of 3 million units, has to look for new markets to reduce its dependency on Turkey and the United Kingdom; at least until the political situation that is lived in these countries in order to recover the pulse and the numbers of years ago, .

Source – the Spanish Association of Car and Truck Manufacturers (ANFAC)

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