In 2017 there will be a new Nissan Juke and will continue to have a design “different”

The Nissan Juke has been (and is) an important trade pillar for Nissan in addition to a pioneer in the wave of SUV B-segment, a competitive category in the non-missing options such as the Renault Capture, or the Peugeot 2008, but… isn’t it about time to renew it? The next year, after the face wash of 2014 (see all the details of the Nissan Juker 2014), we will see the renewal of the small crossover from Nissan.

Confirmed the second-generation Nissan Juke to 2017 Auto Express has obtained new details of the hand Shiro Nakamura, chief creative officer of Nissan, who has mentioned that this vocation of different car, with a design “not mainstream” (although then what it is), will also be present in this new generation, though it will be recognizable as a Nissan Juke.

according To the british, we would be faced with a new platform under the skin of this new generation, a platform that would give the small SUV of Nissan a greater distance between axes, thus leading to the space available in the rear seats.

we Can imagine because this new platform in the next Nissan Micra, as well as also we can imagine already the new engines, mentioning a three-cylinder engine and 1 liter of cubicaje, gasoline and turbo, and even a hybrid version.

in Addition to will improve the quality of your car and logically the multimedia system will have a major role.