In 2017 there will be no halo in the F1

ferrari-haloThe strategy group has met to take a decision on the future of the F1, and also about the present. One of the rules agreed upon is that the restrictions of radio are going to delete, no longer the rule absurd to prohibit what the engineer or the computer tells the pilot. An absurd law that should not have existed, and that by order is prohibited.

But this is not the most important thing that has been decided, since the halo does not arrive on the scene to 2017, despite the fact that the majority of the pilots agreed with their introduction. It seems that what they are going to test all the equipment in test to improve it and make a review, by 2018, . So we possibly have a “halo 2.0” for next season and will be tested in sessions of free tests of face to the year 2018, while that by 2017 cars will not implement any of these security enhancements.

Cúpula de Red Bullonce it has been known this news, many are the rumors that have come out and too many comments in favor and against this decision. There is someone who has regretted not deploy the halo and added that they expect not to mourn for this decision. Others, however, were delighted because they were not supporters of this solution for the security, whether they are critics of aesthetics who think that breaks the essence of the F1, or because it does not consider at all safe.

Sincerely, , I do not like the halo aesthetically, I prefer the screen of Red Bull. In addition, I do not consider that that is too effective for the impact of small parts, that if you enter between the bars, the impact will be the same as if they were not brought anything. So I think it is more suitable for the protection of Red Bull, although it seemed that was still developing when they tested it. It has also spoken of a kind of halo “escondido”, which would be fired in case of an accident (like an airbag) or a few screens front improved protection…